ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT Lite and CrossCore debugging/connection problems


I have an ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT board and I am struggling to connect to it using CrossCore. I am using Crosscore 2.7.0 on a Windows 7 x86 version (because I could not find any drivers for the board for x64 system, I used the VisualDSP++ drivers and they worked on x86). I tried to load, via USB, and debug a sample project. I had downloaded the Board Support Package for ADSP-21364 and configured the debugger to target this specific board. The device is listed on Windows Device Manager as ADI Development Tool and the USB_MONITOR Led on board is lighted up.

Still, when I tried to debug the program with debug configuration set-up as ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT board, I got such error:

[TpsdkServer] Failed to connect to processor.

Error: 0x80048020
Error Description: Selected emulator not detected

Using the Target Configurator -> Test tool, it failed on Opening Emulator Interface.

Do someone have an idea what could go wrong? Are there somewhere drivers for x64 architecture for this specific board?

Thanks in advance for any help