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EV-SC594-SOM: Understanding UART Initialization in ADI FreeRTOS and Issues with Serial Console Output.

Category: Software
Product Number: EV-SC594-SOM


We are currently working with the ADI EV-SC-594-SOM board and facing an issue with UART initialization in FreeRTOS. Despite following the standard procedures, we are not seeing any prints on the serial console when running our FreeRTOS application.

Here is the detailed issue:

  1. When running our FreeRTOS application, no output is seen on the serial console.
  2. If we load a non-OS UART application and then reload our FreeRTOS application, the prints appear correctly on the serial console.

It seems like there is some initialization or configuration step that might be missing or incorrectly set when running the FreeRTOS application directly. Could you provide guidance on how exactly the UART initialization is handled in ADI's FreeRTOS environment?

Specifically, we would like to understand:

  1. The detailed sequence of UART initialization in FreeRTOS.
  2. Any additional steps or configurations needed to ensure proper UART functionality.
  3. Possible reasons why loading a non-OS UART application first makes the UART work in FreeRTOS.

Thank You.

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