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Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADSP-SC594

I am trying to use segger jflash for production programming of the qspi flash.
The ice1000 doesn't support this directly where segger does.

Segger supports the sc589 which is also a dual sharc with cortex a5, the same as the sc594 I am using
To connect the SWD is sends a reset and halt command.

I have tried this on an sc594 but the debugger fails to connect.

What commands are required to connect an swd debugger to an SC594 ?


Thread Notes

  • Please can you confirm the sc589 system debug and trace unit conforms to these specs

    The applicable documentation for more details about the ArmCoreSight feature includes:
    • CoreSight PFT Architecture Specification , ARM IHI 0035B (PFT)
    • System Trace Macrocell, Programmers' Model Architecture Specification, ARM IHI 0054A (STM)
    • CoreSight Trace Memory Controller, ARM DDI0461B (TMC)
    • CoreSight Components Technical Reference Manual, ARM DDI 0314H (TPIU)
    • Embedded Cross Trigger Technical Reference Manual, ARM DDI 0291A
    • ETM for A5 Technical Reference Manual, DDI0435C

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, we don't support coresight trace debug on SC5xx series.

    Regarding your commands required to connect a swd debugger query, we are checking wit internal team and will get back to you as soon as possible.


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