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How to start porgram after reset or powerup without upload again

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-SC584
Software Version: CCES 2.12.0

Hi all,

I work with the SC584 evaluation kit. Up to now I always load programs onto the board with the debugger and if I want to restart the program, I have to upload the program again.
How do I get the uploaded program to restart when I press the reset button or when I disconnect the board from the power supply and reconnect it? I don't always want to be tied to CCES and the debugger when I just want to restart a program.

Are preload files the solution? I have already read something about this, but I don't know how to create or customize a preload file.
Are there tutorilas or examples for this? Or is another option better suited to my needs?

Kind regards


  • Hi Phil,

    You can use the loader utility to convert your executable file into a processor-loadable (boot-loadable) file. The loadable file can be automatically downloaded (booted) to the processor after power-up or after a software reset.

    The way the loader utility creates a boot-loadable file depends upon how the loadable file is booted into the processor. Please refer the datasheet and hardware reference manuals for SC584 processor for details of boot modes supported.

    For an example on, how to build a bootable loader file for flash memory, refer to example project named "power on self-test". This project was located in the examples folders of the Board Support Package (BSP) installation of SC584 processor.

    Please refer the chapter "Creating/Using Loader File" in the Readme file of the Power on Self-Test BSP example from the below path about create a loader file and program the LDR image to flash.

    You can download and install the board support package for ADSP-SC58x/2158x processors using the below link:

    After successful installation, you can find the "Power_On_Self_Test" example code in the below installation path.

    [Installation directory]:\Analog Devices\ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT_Lite-Rel2.0.2\ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT\Examples\Power_On_Self_Test

    Hope this helps.