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Check Runtime values of polymorphic templated class

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-21593
Software Version: 2.11.1

Hello together,

I our project we are using C++. We have a base class without template parameter but need to subclass this class with a template parameter. But we only save a pointer to an object with the base class type. It looks something like this:

We set the breakpoint in the main-function at line 18 where the words are printed. 

Is there a way if we hit the breakpoint in CCES, to watch the value of the member of the actual Derived object. I can only see the static type in the Variables Window in CCES, but not the dynamic type and therefore also not the value of the member.

I would be quite happy for any help, thanks!



  • Hi Vitus,

    You can view information about variables in a selected stack frame in the Variables view. When execution stops, the changed values are by default highlighted in red. Like the other debug-related views,the Variables view does not refresh as you run your executable. A refresh occurs when execution stops.

    So, the variable view shows the values for the variable which are currently on run state.

    If this is not the case, please share us the details of the issue along with the screenshot and the sample code to simulate the issue here.