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How to plot Core1 only?

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-21571
Software Version: 2.10.0


When I debug the 21571, I can only plot the datas in core2 as default.

I try not to load program to core2, but I can't plot core1 too.

The plot view show as follow.


I want to know how to debug the two cores at same time and only plot datas in core1?

  • Hi Haoyu,

    We are able to debug and view the plot data in core1 using our BSP project in SC573 Evaluation board.

    Please do the following steps to run your project:
    1. Import your project in CCES
    2. Build the project and launch debug session.
    4. Select the Core1 from debug window.
    5. Open Plot view and configure to view the output (Please refer the attached screenshot for your reference).
    6. Run the Core1 and Verify the plot view shows result.

    Note: While switch to other core (Core2) that the plot view shows message 'Unable to read memory because current core does not match the configured one'.

    If you are still facing issues, can you please share us your example project that you are facing and also the steps to reproduce your issue. This will help us to assist you further.