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Relocate license.dat file in CCES 2.12.0

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-SC598
Software Version: 2.12.0


I'm wanting to create a Linux CI/CD build server using the CCES command line tool chain.  Is it possible to move the license.dat file to a different location?  It defaults to <home>/.analog/cces/license.dat.  We would like to move it to the same folder as the rest of the tools.

The Linux tools auto creates a .flexlmrc file which points to the license.dat file, but it gets overwritten if I try and modify it to point to a relative file location if possible.



  • You can put the license.dat file in a location with permissions set so multiple users and CI/CD setup can access it and have the necessary <home>/.analog/cces/license.dat files link to that as soft links using ln -s.


  • There seem to be several quirks in my current system that look to be preventing that simple solution - probably a combination of a Linux VM, and network share mean that symbolic links seem to be created broken.

    I'm trying to copy the license.dat file to the appropriate place, but my platform independent build system is causing problems with that as well.

    I'll carry on experimenting with trying to copy the license file, but is there an environment variable or something like that which can tell CCES where to look for the license file?


  • Hi Howard,
    I took a look at the flex library sources and unfortunately the path is hardcoded and there's no environment variable support to change it.

    Maybe you could put your license file into source control and have it cloned then copied to ~/..analog/cces as part of your builds setup stage?