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CrossCore Embedded Studio 3.0.0 not responding

Category: Software
Product Number: Cross
Software Version: CrossCore Embedded Studio 3.0.0


I recently installed CCES 3.0.0 on my Windows computer. Nearly each time I try to debug my SHARC Audio Module (ADZS-SC589-MINI) the IDE hangs ("not responding"). This problem sometimes already appears when loading the dxe files to the cores.

When I went back to CCES version 2.12.0 everything worked fine again.

Is there anybody else facing this issue?

I've seen the article Reporting a Crash or Hang in CrossCore Embedded Studio. But my computer is a bit out of date (but all system requirements are fulfilled) so I don't want to install the Java Development Kit(JDK) to generate the thread dump. I'd rather find out whether others are having the same problem and maybe even have a solution or whether it's a problem caused by my computer.

Right now I just go ahead with 2.12.0.

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  • Hi,

    We were able to successfully load and debug the SHARC Audio Modules examples without any hanging issue.

    In order to isolate your issue whether specific to your PC, please try to debug your application in another machine.

    Could you please confirm whether you have set the CCES_HOME system environmental variable in your machine. If set, please delete it and try restart the CCES 3.0.0 with new workspace.

    The steps to check the Environment variable PATH:
    1. Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> System
    2. Click the Advanced system settings.
    3. Click Environment Variables.
    4. Check if the CCES_HOME with CCES installation path has been set for any specific version of CCES. If set, please delete it.

    Also, Could you please ensure that your PC satisfies the "Systems Requirements" for CCES, provided in the below linked installation guide.