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Remove automatically included "includes" folders in CCES project

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-SC598
Software Version: CCES 1.12.0


I'm using CCES to develop a Sharc core project, but I am using my own build file and folder structure so that we can build outside of CCES and also in a CI/CD system.

This means that system include files being used are from a non-default location.

How can I disable the default '<install_path>/SHARC/include' and '<install_path>/SHARC/include/cplus' from being automatically included in the CCES project "includes" section?



Thread Notes

  • Hi Howard,
    You can use "-no-std-inc" switch to prevent from passing any default include directories to the compiler.

    Invoke this switch in the CCES IDE via “Project > Properties > C/C++ Build > Settings > Tool Settings > CrossCore SHARC C/C++ Compiler > Preprocessor. Here enable "Ignore standard include paths" option.

    So, compiler searches only for header files in the current project directory and in the directories specified with the -I switch at "preprocessor" section.

    For more details, please refer the below FAQ:


  • Hi Nishanthi

    Thanks for the reply.  I've done that, but I'm trying to remove the references to the default directories in the file explorer view in CCES

  • Hi Howard,

    You can clear out includes branch of Project Explorer tree by disabling the “Crosscore SHARC Builtin Specs Detector” option.

    To do this, can you please follow the below steps:

    1) Go to CCES Menu bar, Window -> Preference -> C/C++ -> Property Page Settings
    2) In this tab uncheck the "Display Preprocessor Include Paths page" option
    3) Click Apply and Close.
    4) Again, Go to the same tab and check the "Display Preprocessor Include Paths page" option. Then Apply and Close.
    5) Go to project Properties -> C/C++ General -> Preprocessor Include Paths, Macro etc.
    5) Go to Providers tab and uncheck the option "Crosscore SHARC Builtin Specs Detector" Then Apply and Close.
    6) Now the includes from the installation has been removed.

    If you would like to remove the system include also, please follow the below steps.

    1) Properties -> C/C++ General -> Paths and symbols
    2) In the Includes tab, you can find the Include Directories list.
    3) In that select the include path and then select delete. Then Apply and Close.