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Add-ins are not available

Category: Software
Product Number: crosscore ide
Software Version: 2.12.0


I just installed Crosscore and am starting an arm project.

I don't see the ldF, communications or any other add-in.

I only see the pin mux add in.

Is there another install that I need to have done to see these?

  • Hi,

    We are unable to reproduce your issue here with the CCES 2.12.0 and SC5xx ARM project.

    Could you please try enabling "Show only add-ins that are compatible with this project" under the 'Advanced Filter' option. When disabled, add-ins that cannot be selected (because they already are selected or invalid for this project) are shown but greyed.

    If still facing issues, Could you please let us know which processor type you are creating a project and let us know whether this is the first time you are using CCES with this issue.

    If possible, please try with new CCES workspace and let us know how you get on.

    Nishanthi. V