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Add support for Zephyr OS

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-BF527

Since ADI has officially joined the Zephyr Project, Is there any plan from ADI to add support for Zephyr OS to Blackfin Processors (and especially BF527)?

See here

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  • Hi Vix,

    Unfortunately there is no plan to support Zephyr on the Blackfin processors. Can you provide some information about your requirements for us to factor into any future discussions about viability?


  • Hi  

    more or less 10 years ago I developed a project based on ADI BF527 using VDK + lwIP.

    The product is in full production at the moment, adding new features, and I don't see any issue from the harware side.

    From the software side, the situation is completely different: VDK + lwIP is an old, outdated and badly supported ecosystem.

    Adding new features (when requested by customers or by the market) is a challenge.

    I've been thinking about how to handle the future of this project:

    • if a well-known vendor-agnostic framework (like Zephyr OS) is going to come into stage in the future, I would consider keeping Blackfin solution
    • if not, I'm going to migrate the project to another architecture (ARM Cortex-M + DSP extension)
  • Thanks for the details! That's very useful.

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