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ADSP-SC584 - software issues

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-SC584


I am working with a customer who is interested in our ADSP-SC584 and he has the following questions:

1. While i can run the SW on the ezboard I can't place a break points (sw or hardware) the message I get is "there is no debug information for this line"

 The check boxes for create debug info for all the 3 projects are set.
I'm creating executables.
But to a no avail.

2. Is there a HW or SW support for Critical section protection within the same core?

I have a timer interrupt that access a fifo which is used by the main loop - and I need to protect the fifo pointers from being accessed by the timer interrupt while being updated by the main loop.


I tried the manuals but all I could find is Ineter core protection/prevention and not with in the same core.

You can reach out to me directly for further customer and project details.



  • Since your queries are not relevant to SigmaStudio or SigmaStduio for SAHRC, I will move to other ezone thread.


  • Hi Alex,

    For this breakpoint issue,

    Can you please confirm whether you are setting breakpoints before launching the session. If so, can you please try with setting breakpoint after launching the session with the below steps and let us know how you are getting on.

    1) Import the project into CCES work space.
    2) Build the project.
    3) Launch the debug configurations.
    4) After load completion, set the break points.

    Also please try by importing the project into new workspace.

    For the second question,

    we understood that the same buffer is accessed by both handler code as well as main code and you are expecting that the buffer should not be corrupted as it was accessed by both. Can you please set a bool variable when it is accessed by timer callback to create a synchronization between handler & application call. If this is not full fill your requirement, please provide a code snippet or sample application to us. This would be helpful for us to proceed further

    Best Regards,