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Questions using CCES to build and download

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-21571
Software Version: CCES 2.10.0


I have some questions when using CCES for a long time.

1, I want to download program to flash in CCES rather than use cldp.exe.

I can download successfully when I use ADSP-21565, however when the chip is ADSP-21571, I got failed.

I should mention that my ldr file is correct, I download using cldp.exe and tested in my board.

My config and error shot.



2, How to set the builder to build only one project.

The 21571 has two projects, core1 project and core2 project. When I bulid one project ,the other will be built too.

3, How to set the builder to not bulid the project when nothing changed.

When I build my project, if nothing changed, I want to get nothing to be done.

However I got the whole project to be built everytime.

I hope to solve these questions to save more time for programming.


  • Hi Foster,

    Please find the details here.

    Please confirm whether you are facing issue only when flashing ADSP-21571 with CCES GUI and able to flash with same setup(ADSP-21571) successfully when invoking cldp via command prompt. If so please share us the screenshot of your command prompt windows.

    Could you please check with erase "All memory" instead of "affected" in the properties > C\C++ build > settings > Tool settings tab > crosscore Sharc Device Programmer > General and check if that works.

    Also, if possible please try in different machine.

    On the custom board, if you have 'no boot' switch, please try changing the boot mode of the processor to 'no boot' before flashing and check if it helps to resolve the issue.

    Also, please confirm whether you have modified flash driver that suitable to your custom board.

    We recommend the flash programmer application example provided as part of the tools and make changes to suit your particular hardware configuration.

    If still facing issues, please try same in latest version of CCES 2.11.1 and see if it resolves the issue.
    You can download and install latest version of CCES using below link.

    Q2&3 >>>

    We recommend to refer the below linked FAQ for more details on building a specific / particular core project in Multicore Application.

    [FAQ] : Building a specific / particular core project in Multicore Application( like ADSP-SC5xx projects)

    Also, CCES rebuilds your application when you select the Debug Configuration to save you from having to manually rebuild the project before launching, and ensures you are testing your up-to-date DXE.
    This feature can be disabled via "Window: Preferences: Run/Debug: Launching" through the option "Build (if required) before launching" within CCES.