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ADSP-SC5xx EZ Kit Lite Stand alone DDR test

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-SC5xx EZ Kit Lit
Software Version: CCES 2.10.1

I’m using the ADSP-SC5xx EZ Kit Lite Release 2.0.2 and CCES 2.10.1. I was able to run Power_On_Self_Test_SC584_Cortex just fine and view the results in the console window.

I’m trying to run the Stand-alone DDR Test as outlined in help file Readme_Power_On_Self_Test_SC584.html. 

I loaded the sample project from this directory:  C:\Analog Devices\ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT_Lite-Rel2.0.2\ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT\Examples\Power_On_Self_Test\EZ-Board\sc584\sharc

It loads a project with the name Power_On_Self_Test_SC584_SHARC_Core1 just as shown in the readme instructions.

When building, it stated that it couldn’t find the ldf file, so I created one.  The program builds with no errors.

Then I create a new Debug Configuration.  In the CCES Debugger, I load Power_On_Self_Test_SC584_SHARC_Core1 into Device 0 [Core 1].

By default the file  C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.10.1\SHARC\ldr\ezkitSC584_preload_core0_v01   is loaded into Device 0 [Core 0]  

I tried running this but there was no output in the console window.

The help file Readme_Power_On_Self_Test_SC584.html states:

NOTE: Select the preload executable from the C:\Analog Devices\ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT_Lite-Relx.x.x\ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT\Examples\Power_On_Self_Test\Custom_Init_Preload_Code\prebuilt_exe path
Create a temporary executable and run it on A5 Core.

I went to that path described above,and tried to load “Post_Preload_SC584_Core0” from the directory listed above into the Core 0 Debug Configuration.

Then I get this message in a window titled main() at Post_:

"Can't find a source file at "D:\BLV_Codes\Trials\POST\POST files_from_Subbu\Power_On_Self_Test_24 Nov_SC584\Custom_Init_Preload_Code\Post_Preload_SC584_Core0\src\Post_Preload_Core0.c"

I don't have a drive D: so don't know what it is looking for.  

Locate the file or edit the source lookup path to include its location."

By looking at ezboard_sharc.c I also noticed that __DEBUG_UART__ is not enabled.  How do I enable it?

Any suggestions on how to get this working?