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CCES 2.8.2 Problems with compiling 21489 program

Category: Software
Product Number: 21489
Software Version: CCES 2.8.2

 I would like to ask what this PC[] refers to specifically?Why does it take up so much space? Profiling

  • Hi Zhu,

    Profiling is a method for measuring program performance by sampling the target's PC register to collect data. Profiling view is used to observe where a program spends most of its time executing.

    The statistical profiler periodically samples the Program Counter of the target and builds a profile of the application in terms of % of processor time spent in different functions of the application based on the number of samples gathered for each function. Similarly, it can provide details of the number of samples gathered for each function.

    The execution Unit is the program location to which the samples belong. If the instructions are inside a C function or a C++ method, the execution unit is the name of the function or method. For instructions with no corresponding symbolic names, such as hand-coded assembly or source files compiled without debugging information, this value is an address in the form of PC[xxx], where xxx is the address of the instruction.

    To assist you further can you please share a sample project which can reflect the same issue or further information for us to investigate and identify the slowdown and lock-up.

    Also please let us know the performance after filtering the functions that you want to profile by using "Add Functions Dialog Box" in the Profiling View.

    And please refer in CCES help for more information:
    CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.8.1 > Integrated Development Environment > Navigating Within the IDE > Views > Debug > Profiling View > Add Functions Dialog Box

    Also please refer this EE-332,from this you can find detailed information regarding how to use each profiler and how to select option within the Properties. You can also find this document using the link below: .pdf

    And you can try with optimization enabled project.
    To enable optimization go to Project Options Project->Properties->C/C++ Build->Settings->Tool settings->CrossCore SHARC C/C++ Compiler->General->Enable optimization. Once enabled, the Optimize for code size/speed slider control becomes available.