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What's wrong with ICE-1000?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ICE-1000,ADSP-21565
Software Version: CCES2.10.0


I don't know what happened with my ICE-1000, I use it for a long time, but now it can't work anyway.

When I debug in CCES, it failed to connect to processor.

So I use ICE test in CCES and find that it can't pass performing scan test.

How can I locate the matter? Can I solve it by myself?

If some simple components broken, I can replace it myself. Or I must send it back to ADI?


  • Hi Haoyu,

    In order for us to accept this emulator back under an RMA we first need to confirm it is indeed faulty, this is to reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime for you.

    In order to accurately determine whether your emulator is faulty or not, can I please ask you to answer the following questions?

    1. Have you used this emulator on a custom board or an EZ-KIT board? If you’re using a custom board can you please confirm that it complies with the JTAG Technical Reference Guide EE-68, which is available online at the following location:
    2. Do you have any other emulators of the same type, which operate correctly with the same target board and PC?
    3. Do you have another target board you can use to connect to your emulator? Does the emulator still behave the same way? Do you still encounter the same error messages?
    4. Please read through our Emulator Troubleshooting Guide and let us know the results of the troubleshooting steps it advises.
    Please refer to the below EE note:
    5. Do you have access to another PC? If you have, please let us know if the emulator detected correctly without any issues?
    6. Please check whether the emulator is detected under Crosscore tools in the device manager, double-click on the emulator to show the driver properties, and ensure there are no issues listed. If there, please share the screenshot of the device manager which shows the emulator, and a screenshot of the driver tab by clicking the emulator > properties > Driver.
    7. Please let us know which operating system you are using.
    8. Can you please share with us the picture of the board with ICE-1000 connected with Power ON.
    9. Please confirm whether you using a virtual machine or a built-inoperating system?
    10 . Also, Can you please let us know if you have purchased the emulator directly from Analog Devices or from a distributor?


  • Hi,

    I both used this emulator on a custom board and an EZ-KIT board, and it's fine for a long time until several days ago. It behave the same way in several boards which is good before. I can find the emulator on PC and there is no probelm. The led is green when connect to PC.

    I may found the problem, I tested the TDI pin (pin8 in the 10pin connector) is short with GND on the emulator. so it can't pass the TDI to TDO loopback. Is the Blackfin chip on the emulator broken?

  • Hi Haoyu,
    Performing Scan Test step tests the integrity of the TDI to TDO scan path on the target hardware using each device’s BYPASS register. Each time the test runs, 25 packets of 256 bytes are shifted through the BYPASS registers of all the JTAG devices in the scan path. The data shifted out of the TDI (Test Data Input) signal on the emulator is compared to the data received on TDO (Test Data Output) signal on the emulator. The number of bytes shifted is displayed.

    If data mismatches are found, an error is reported and the test fails. Verify that the target hardware is powered, a valid reset had been performed and the JTAG device has a valid clock signal.

    Please try changing the JTAG I/O Voltage in the ICE Test to 2.5V [In "Platform Properties" page] and run the test again. If this works then can you either create a new session using a 2.5V JTAG I/O voltage or modify your existing session to use 2.5V JTAG I/O voltage.

    And, please check that you are connecting to the ICE-1000 via a USB port default to your PC if you are using a USB hub, can you try connecting the USB cable from the ICE-1000 directly to the PC. If you are connecting directly to a USB port then try connecting to a different USB port. If you saw the issue when using the USB 3.0 ports, please try the USB 2.0 ports to see if it will work for you.

    Also kindly reply to the other questions too, this will be help to assist you further on this.

    If you're unable to share your files on this public forum, feel free to contact Please make sure to add the link of this Ezone thread while contacting private support.