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CCES how to exclude folder from project build?

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How do I exclude a folder from a CCES project build?

I am new to CCES. 

It appears a CCES project build searches all folders.  Any C files found in any folders, will be compiled.

How do I exclude the  /docs folder so that any example C files found in this folder are not automatically compiled with the project?

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  • Hello,

    You can use the C/C++ Build pages of the Properties dialog box to access the builder-specific settings.

    You can use "Excludes resource from build" option removes the folder or file from the project build.

    Below are the Steps to exclude a folder from build:

    1. Select the folder/file which want to be excluded from build.
    2. Right click the folder/file and select properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings.
    3. Then, select the option "Exclude resource from build".

    Please refer the attached screenshots for your reference.

    Best Regards,

  • Solved!  Thank you!

    1. Right-mouse > Properties on /docs/ folder
    2. Check Exclude Resource from build and Apply

    Thanks again!


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