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Link Port SC584 ARM Core


I implement the Link Port driver on two SC584 RX and TX using ARM Core with uCOS

LP0  <-  LP1

LP1 -> LP0

At the moment of initialization of TX:

eResult = adi_linkport_Open(1,ADI_LINKPORT_DIR_TX, DeviceMemory_Tx,ADI_LINKPORT_DMA_MEMORY_SIZE,&hDevice_Tx);

I got an exception as follows:

A non-recoverable error or exception has occurred.
Description: Data Fault Exception - caused by attempting to access invalid data memory.
General Type: RunTimeError
Specific Type: ExceptAbrtData
Error Message: If this is a synchronous fault, address 0x<Unknown value> held in Data Fault Address Register (DFAR) is the problem address.
Error PC: 0x89a06057

In Addition, there are many (38) Errors regarding OS, like: 

Description                                                   Resource   Path                                                                          Location        Type
Field 'TimeQuanta' could not be resolved   os_core.c   /LinkPortUnitTest_Core0/system/uCOS-III/Source   line 675          Semantic Error

Description                                                             Resource   Path                                                                         Location     Type
Symbol 'OSIntQTaskTCB' could not be resolved   os_core.c   /LinkPortUnitTest_Core0/system/uCOS-III/Source line 2472    Semantic Error

Please advise,


Top Replies

  • Hi Alex,

    from your query we understand that you are transferring data between two SC584 boards using linkport. Please check whether you have passed appropriate arguments in the open API properly.

    We have tested the BSP example in ARM core and it works fine.

    Can you please refer the link port example available in the below path as a reference for your development.

    C:\Analog Devices\ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT_Lite-Rel2.0.2\ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT\Examples\drivers\linkport\linkport_loopback

    For semantic errors, We have logged this issue in our bug tracking database which will be addressed in a future release of CCES.

    You can workaround this by Close and reopen the project in IDDE Project Explorer to make the errors go away.
    Unchecking "Field cannot be resolved" checkbox in "Syntax and Semantic Errors" of "Code Analysis", in Preferences -> C/C++

    Also, we hope the real errors will be reported even if you have unchecked "Symbol cannot be resolved" checkbox and "Field cannot be resolved" checkbox.

    Also please note, Unfortunately, Analog Devices will no longer be offering the Micrium based Add-In products for CrossCore Embedded Studio.

    We recommend to go through the below linked FAQ:
    FAQ: End of availability for Micrium Add-Ins for CrossCore Embedded Studio

    Best Regards,