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Porting LWIP (2.1.3) to ADSP-SC589 EZKIT SHARC core

Hello, I just received my ADSP-SC589 EZKIT and I was wondering if there was some guide on how to port the latest version of LWIP to this platform in bare metal (NO_SYS ==1) mode.  LWIP was removed a few years ago. Perhaps if the previous archive was available the contents of the contrib/ports folder would be a great starting point.  I want to port the LWIP code to run on the SHARC core (Cores 1 or 2) and not on the ARM core (Core 0).

In the project, I would like to put the Ethernet/PHY driver code on the arm core and use DMA to exchange the packets back and forth with LWIP running on Core 1 (or 2)

I have not created a bare metal project before, however I found quite a few resources to help (especially, but as I am a complete novice to the SHARC DSP and also to the 'CrossCore embedded studio 2.10.1' - I need help with setting up the IDE with the LWIP vanilla source code and adding in the SHARC port files in a custom folder.   I found a 2017 example of a bare metal port here.

Any guidance on getting LWIP ported to the SHARC processor would be greatly appreciated - I started out with an example project that I have configured and working.  This uses the MDMA API to send audio sample data from the ARM core 0 to the SHARC core 1.   In my case I would like to exchange Ethernet packets in place of the audio samples in this example.  To that end I guess I would need to modify MultiCoreTalkThruSharcSharc_Core1.c replacing the while forever loop below with the corresponding one in the bare metal main entry point in LWIP.

In the IDE, I created an empty 'contrib/sharc/include/arch' folder (where I am guessing I need to drop in SHARC specific settings)

Thanks in advance


// Processing is done in callback
    asm(" NOP; ");