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Failed to execute the Device Programmer


I have an EZKIT 21569 SOM board. I can programm it in a debug session. Im using an ICE-1000 and CCES 2.10.1.
Now I would like to downloade the .ldr file in the SPI-Flash memory on that board.
After clicking "Downloade loader file to board"  I only get the following Error: "Failed to execute the Device Programmer"

To troubleshoot my problem, I tried to uploade a given example program. That was successfull.
Even with the same settings, I seam to have something wrong in my CCES setup.

I can uploade the program using my cmd with "C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.10.1\cldp.exe" -core 0 -emu ICE-1000 -driver ..\Vendor\Lib\VendorLib\is25lp512m_dpia_2156x.dxe -proc ADSP-21569 -cmd prog -erase all -format bin -file 21569_SOM_BSP.ldr"

But my program seems to be no running.

Do you have an idea were to start?


p.s.: Just to give you this extra information: I have another error after building, which had no effect on my debug session, so i ignored it.
It pops up as an error message-window and says:
"Errors occurred during the build.
Errors running builder 'CrossCore Embedded Studio Device Programmer Builder' on project '21569_SOM_BSP'.
null argument:The dialog should be created in UI thread"

  • Hi Lorenz,

    We tried to simulate the issue here with our example projects, but this issue is not simulated in our side.

    Could Please follow the below steps to include loader file properties in the settings of your application.

    1.Assuming your executable project is already loaded (imported/opened)into CCES, Right-click on the project or application and select Properties
    2.In the Properties window, Go to C/C++ Build > Settings > Build Artifact tab.There you will see "Artifact Type". From the drop down menu select "Loader File".
    3.Click on Apply button.
    4.Click on the "Tool Settings" tab and select "CrossCore SHARC Loader" then "General" and update the parameters(refer the step1 screenshot).
    5. Click on "Initialization", browse and select the initialization file (refer the step2 screenshot)
    6. Click on "Apply and close" button and then build project to generate LDR file. This file will be available in the ‘Debug’ folder of the project.

    Please use the below procedure to flash from Crosscore SHARC Device Programmer:

    1. Go to project properties > C/C++ Build > Settings > Tools Settings > Crosscore SHARC Device Programmer > General.
    2. Add the flash driver file within the "Device_Programmer" Directory for each EZ-Kit BSP as like , <installation path>:C:\Analog Devices\ADSP-2156x_EZ-KIT-Rel1.0.1\ADSP-2156x_EZ-KIT\Examples\Device_Programmer\Legacy_SPI\is25lp512m_dpia_2156x\21569
    3. Verify the flash commands are correctly updated by clicking on "Crosscore SHARC Device Programmer".
    4. Then click "Apply and close".
    5. Then, click on the "Download loader file to board" button on the IDE toolbar. Now the loader file successfully loded in the board. (please refer the step4 screenshot for your reference).

    Also, you can refer below help page for more information.
    CrossCore® Embedded Studio 2.10.1 > Integrated Development Environment > Working with Bootable and Non-bootable Files > Device Programmer > Device Programming using the Integrated Development Environment



  • Hi Nashanthi,
    thanks for your help!

    I had done everything as you discribe.
    The only way is to use the cldp.exe for my comand line. That works fine.

    I'm now in the process of moving all my files to a new and clean project. Maybe that helps.