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Migrating a BF548 project from VDSP++ using VDK to CCES

I have a system that was implemented for a customer using VDSP++ and relies heavily on VDK (threading in particular) in C++. Recently we had to modilfy a driver for a change in flash availability, and were informed that VDSP++ isn't supported beyond Windows 7. In looking to migrate to CCES, it appears that VDK is not supported in CCES?  Is this correct? I need to maintain this product for the customer, but it seems I might need to do a lot more to move it  forward. Where can I find more details about supporting legacy projects with currently available tools like CCES? And what migration would entail? I haven't been successful in my search so far.


  • hi ! moving to CCES and support VDK is a huge task. We working also on a mixed IDE environment with old projects on VDSP and new ones on CCES. 

    But this is historical caused. not a WIN7 issue.

    We also run VDSP on WIN10. Sometimes when we can't install it we do it in a VM, but that's not a problem.

    kind regards christoph

  • Hi,

    VDK is not supported under CrossCore Embedded Studio.

    FreeRTOS for Analog Devices Processors is a Real Time Operating System and it is supported by CrossCore Embedded Studio.

    Unfortunately ADI does not provide an RTOS for the legacy Blackfin or older SHARC processors.Also we don't have plan to port FreeRTOS to older processors as they didn’t have some of the features required to efficiently support a modern RTOS.

    We do provide FreeRTOS for the SHARC+ based processors (ADSP-SC5xx and ADSP-215xx) and ADSP-BF7xx processors.

    In terms of other options, you may find alternative vendors for an RTOS on the older SHARC and Blackfin processors.


  • So the answer is just, Sorry we don't support our legacy tools or processors any more so you're just out of luck because you used our provided OS? Is there a way to just give us a permanent license for the existing VDSP++ we are currently using? (We can figure out how to make it run.) We do not want to re-write/requalify the entire system just to support some part changes for the remaining life of the product. 

  • Hi,

    Please note that we have no plans to discontinue the VisualDSP++ tools(VDK) or cease supporting them. However, we do not intend to add new features or functionality to VisualDSP++.

    Also, we would always recommend to use CCES since CrossCore Embedded Studio will be the platform to provide support for all future processors and updates.

    Regarding license for VDSP++,could you please contact your local ADI sales office or distributor.To locate the one,