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external memory with 21489

 Hello, I defined 160 elEMS arrays, each of which contains 512 data, BUFFER_SIZE = 512. There is an error after running. How can I solve this problem so that 160 Elems can be defined successfully and compiled? I've turned on the off-chip memory, but I don't know how to proceed.

  • Hi,

    We tried to simulate your issue here by defining 160 elEMS arrays each of which contains 512 data, BUFFER_SIZE = 512 as you have mentioned, But we are able to build project successfully without any linker errors after enabling SDRAM in project under system.svc > Startupcode/LDF > LDF > External Memory.please refer the attached screenshot "build.JPG".

    From your screenshot we could see that you are facing li1050 error. The linker generates this error message if it finds two global symbol definitions with the same identifier. The message is followed by text that identifies where each of the symbol definitions were found. The fix to the problem depends on the reason for a multiply defined symbol. Perhaps an object file that was not intended to be included in the image was given to the linker. In that case, remove the object file that contains the multiple definition.

    Please refer the below CCES help path for more details:
    CrossCore® Embedded Studio <version> > SHARC® Development Tools Documentation > Linker and Utilities Manual > Linker and Archiver Messages > Linker Messages > Errors > li1050

    If you are still facing same issue, can you please share us your project along with steps to replicate your issue here. This will help us to assist you further.