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CCES debugger hangs

I'm trying to use the CCES debugger (version 2.10.0) with the BF707-EZLITE board and the ICE-1000 debugger.  It worked a few times, but now it has stopped working.  Here are the steps I follow.

1. Create a new CrossCore project targeting the BF707, accepting all the defaults.

2. Build the project.

3. Set up a debugging/launch configuration with the executable from the project and the BF707 via the ICE-1000.

4. Debug.

What should happen is that the debugging environment comes to life, with run/stop/single step buttons, a terminate button, disassembly listings, and a highlighted line of code at the top of main() ready to go.

What actually happens is that the console says it loaded the project, but all the debugging controls are dead.  Nothing appears in the Progress or Problems windows.  The ICE-1000's purple light is on, but there is no way to use the session, and in fact it can't be terminated without closing CCES entirely.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks...


[Edit: It turns out CLDP from the command line is still able to program the flash on the EZLITE board, so most likely the ICE-1000 is good.]

Added the detail that the CLDP command works, making it likely that the hardware is okay.
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