Callback priority in 21571


I have some questions about sport callbacks.

1) Asume that I use SPORT0A,0B,1A,1B, all 4 sports use the same clocks from PCGA. So 4 four sports call the callback function at the same time, what is the callback order, which is fisrt and which is last.

2) When in sport0A callback, if at the same time sport0B callback occur, can the new callback interrupt the fisrt one? Or is it safe in sport0A callback that it will not be interrupted by anyother callbacks, such as UART callback,MDMA callback,etc.

3) It seems that I can't enable a MDMA transfer using adi_mdma_Copy1D() function when in the sport0A callback, which is good outside the sport0A callback.

4) Is there some methods to delay a callback when I do something in a function, and after the function I can deal with the callback.