Can´t install the right driver for ADZS-BF592 EZ-KIT


We just bought an BF592 EZ-Kit and I´m having issues - the driver is installed for the ICE-1000 emulator, not for the EZ-Kit, and I tried different ways to manually install the driver for the EZ-Kit but it appears as "non-compatible" driver on windows devices manager. So, after I hrd install the BF592 ez-kit driver, the devices manager refresh and appears again as ICE-1000 emulator. 

I read the manual, the EE-175 and EE-356 notes, and both seemed to me that they never reach my problem, and some information are wrong. Some links don´t exist anymore, like, found on page 4 of EE-356 note. Like and the notes are talking about 1.0... version os CrossCore, and we are on 2.10.

We bought from Digikey on July 6, indicated from analog devices website (check inventory button), and received a CD with outdated linux things that you don´t give support anymore, and, well, who does use CD installation these days? New machines didn´t have cd players anymore. And my unit came with an ULTRALIFE Lithium battery attached, and the manual says it is not part of the kit as it didn´t say nothing about the CD. I got confused with this.

Ok, a paper with some instructions came, I could install Visual DSP with license, but it didn´t recognize the board as EZ-Kit, but always as ICE-Emulator too - I uninstalled I tried another installation, but now, I can´t use anymore the serial number to enable the software :/

I´m powering the board with a Universal 5v 2A power supply, the baterry charging mechanism is ok, the baterry is charging, the leds are fading in a slower sine pattern (power always on, so i think it´s ok with the BF592). I´m using the provided USB cable to connect the on board debug agent.

The ICE test happens ok everytime, but as it recognize the board as ICE-1000 and not as the Ez-Kit, when I try to start a session, the IDDE (none cross or visual dsp) can´t connect to the board.

I´m very frustrated, because I´m trying this for more than 15 days, reading the docs and FAQs you provided, but, seems that I´m searching for an outdated non-supported stuff with mismatching information :(

  • I followed the manual etc etc, the first thing I did was follow the steps to start a session on CrossCore ore VisualDSP++ 

    The manual says to connect the usb on debug agent, than, after, to power the main board.

    The EE-356 and EE-175 notes say to power the target board first, than, connect the usb.

    Both options are equal - the ez-kit is recognized as ICE-1000 emulator. The ZLED3, status, is always ON, and the ZLED 2 monitor only shines when i´m using the ICE test.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 30, 2021 3:53 PM in reply to Alberti


    We just recently became aware of this issue about a few weeks ago and have been trying to get stock pulled to fix it. Unfortunately there is no quick SW fix so the board would have to be replaced. In the short term, have you tried creating a debug configuration in CCES for an ADSP-BF592 via ICE-1000 to see if that works?

    Please send an email to our private support so that we can work on getting you a replacement: Just reference this issue and they will be able to get it to me.

    I apologize for this costing you so much time, but we will make things right as quickly as possible.