ADC Initialization Twi Error for SC584


I am working on a project which requires ARM(Core0) with lwIP for ethernet operation and dsp algorithms to be run on Sharc Core1. For this I have added lwIP extracted inetd example to run echo server only. Also on Sharc Core1 I have added different drivers ADC, DAC, UART, DDR, PWR, SPU etc. The main of Sharc Core1 simply initializes these drivers. The echo server in ARM runs fine but it throws an error for ADC Initialization while Twi Config while running Core1. I am not able to figure it out. The soft configuration switch is used in ARM only to enable the peripherals. Attached is the project. Any help will be appreciated.  

Thank You

Anukul Anand


  • Hello

    Thank you for your response. The ADC issue was solved by your valuable input. It worked fine. But the echo server that is running on core 0 is hindered as soon as I run core 1. Core 1 has only initialization of ADC, DAC, UART, DDR, GPIO. and Core 0 is having lwIP echo server running on port 7. The operation of core 0 is disturbed as soon as I ran core 1 code. Attached is the modified code. Please guide me through this issue. Hoping for favorable response.