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Same source code, different processors...

Hello!  Due to the parts shortage, I am trying to make my source code work for multiple processors in the same family (BF706, BF704, BF706) and they all work fine if they have their own projects.  However, I would like to combine them all into one project and simply use the Project Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings -> Processor Settings -> Processor drop box to define the processor, and then hit rebuild and then use the new ldr file.  However, I am getting the following error:

[Warning el2020] "C:\Users\scole\Desktop\reconPlus\DigiMag 11 Prototype\PowerHouse\DSP Firmware\system\startup_ldf\app.ldf":21 The processor build target does not match the processor architecture.
The processor specified on command line (-proc switch) does not match one specified by ARCHITECTURE() LDF command.
You need to change the processor build target in the project options or change the processor architecture in Expert Linker so that they match.

How can I get the ARCHITECTURE() LDF to keep up with the processor drop box?  I am using CCES 2.10.0.

Thanks in advance!

Added CCES Version for more info.
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  • Hi T,

    I'm not able to recreate the problem that you're seeing. If I create a new BF704 project I'm able to change the processor via the Processor Settings dropbox, which give me a "the generated source files will be re-generated for processor: ADSP-BF70*" pop-up, after which the project builds okay for the new processor type.

    Do you receive this pop-up when changing the processor settings? Are there any modifications you have made to the default LDF? It may also be worth cleaning the project after changing the processor settings before rebuilding, if you've not tried that already. 

    Best regards,


  • Hi Calum,

    Thank you very much for the response.  I looked into it more after your info - and I did have a custom ldf - I tried a new project using the default ldf and it worked fine.  Thank you!

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