while loading lwip program on bf609 target board got some error

Hello all,

I am working with ADSP-BF609.

I am working on ethernet through lwip, while loading .dxe file into BF609 target board got some run time error as mentioned below.

could any one help to solve  this error?

Thank you



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 5, 2021 9:28 AM


    If external memory had not been set up correctly or not configured properly, we can expect the "Warning: External memory is disabled for this region of memory" message.

    When working with an Ez-Kit there is an option "Use XML reset values" in 'Target ->settings -> Target option', which instructs the emulator to reference the XML file to configure some registers on the target when it is reset; this option is enabled by default.

    If you are using ADSP-BF609 custom board, you must set up a Custom Board support File and associate it with your session.

    There's an FAQ on the Engineer Zone called  "My application behaves incorrectly when using SDRAM". This discusses the use and setup of Custom Board Support files.
    For more information you can refer the following FAQ: