Declaring a variable in program memory (pm) cc1138 error

I'm on an SC573 EZLITE eval board. I'm trying to get familiar with some of vectorized functions so I tried compiling the example for biquad in <filter.h>  in the CCES 2.9.0 C/C++ Library Manual for SHARC Processors.

#include <sys/platform.h>
#include <sys/adi_core.h>
#include "adi_initialize.h"
#include "Throwaway_Core1.h"
#include <filter.h>
 * If you want to use command program arguments, then place them in the following string. 
char __argv_string[] = "";

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
	 * Initialize managed drivers and/or services that have been added to 
	 * the project.
	 * @return zero on success 

	#define NSECTIONS 4
	#define NSAMPLES 64
	float input[NSAMPLES];
	float output[NSAMPLES];
	float state[NSTATE];
	float pm coeffs[5*NSECTIONS];
	int i;
	for (i = 0; i < NSTATE; i++)
	    state[i] = 0; /* initialize state array */
	biquad (input, output, coeffs, state, NSAMPLES,NSECTIONS);

	return 0;

When I try to build it I get the error 
cc1138: error: illegal memory qualifier for auto or register variable

What am I doing wrong?