Is it possible to get a summery of how much memory a program uses?

I'm used to be able to get a summery of how large a program is by looking at a map-file. For example in IAR embedded workbench:

133'532 bytes of readonly code memory
37'055 bytes of readonly data memory
28'482 bytes of readwrite data memory

How do I do that in CrossCore Embedded Studio?

  • if you enable the map-file generation, (generate symbol map in linker - general setting)  there should be a generated map.xml file which shows the prg/data usage.

    not very confortable but usable !!

    kind regards chris

  • I am also not aware of a tool/view in CCES which provides the visualization of this.

    However, as @pfeifferc pointed out, the data is available in the linker map file. I'd like to add that in your %CCES_HOME% folder there's a tool called  xmlmap2html.exe to convert the contents of the XML file to HTML which you can open right away with your webbrowser.

    We also use the linker map (XML) file to parse it in a Python script to get the info you are asking for. It's automatically executed in our post-build step.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 13, 2021 5:21 PM


    You can enable the option "Project: Properties: C/C++ Build: Settings: CrossCore Blackfin Linker: General: Generate Symbol Map", to produce an
    XML map file of the project, detailing the code/data size. After enabling the 'Generate Symbol Map' option build your project and you can able to find the map file as '.map.XML' in the project debug path.

    Alternatively, the elfdump utility (provided in the CCES installation directory) can be used to dump sections of the DXE file. Dumping the section header will give you a breakdown of the memory sections, their start/end addresses, and their used/free space