Debugging a DXE with debug symbols but without the original CCES project

Hi all,

we have a DXE file built with debug symbols ("-g" ...).

The DXE file can be loaded and run via CCES with a debug configuration.

The Dissassembly view shows the assembly code and which can be stepped.

We also do have the original C source and head files, however the original project file does not exist - the DXE file has even been built with a custom Makefile.

How can the source file associated with the assembly code/DXE file so that we can set breakpoints in the source code and step throught the C code?

I think we need to add some paths into the debug configuration. We've tried to add "source lookup paths" but this did not do the trick.

Any hints?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 25, 2021 4:58 AM 1 month ago


    We are unable to simulate your issue in our side. We have created the xxx.dxe file and again created simple new project and trying to load the xxx.dxe file in the new project. Now we could able to view the original project .c file during debugging. Also we could able to set the breakpoint in source code and step through the C code.

    Please refer the attached screenshot.

    To assist you better, could you please collaborate your issue in details and also can you please share the simple project which demonstrates the problem along with screenshots to simulate this issue, it will be helpful for us.

    Also please confirm the CCES version and processor you are using.


  • Hello Nishanthi,

    thank you for your quick reply.

    You are right, it's not reproducible anymore. It seems we just forgot to use the debug switch ("-g") in the Makefile and according to a colleague everything seems to work now. So basically my problem description was wrong, sorry for that!

    Have a nice day,