SPORT data format in SC573

Dear all,

    I have two ADAU1452 chips and one SC573 on my board. One of 1452 generate 1KHz sine wave and send it to SC573 sport2A, SC573 copy the datas from sport2A to sport0A which is connected to another 1452, finally the 1452 output the signal to a DAC. I measure the wave at the DAC output using oscilloscope, and it works well.

    I want to process the datas in SC573 rather than directly copy it to sport0A, so I tested to multiply the datas by 0.5 to insert a -6dB gain, but the output signals got error. I don't know how to convert the sport data to the format surport by SC573, such as the 1452 in 8.24 format.

    I also test to use the function __builtin_conv_RtoF() and __builtin_conv_FtoR(), but I can't get the sine waves too. Where's the problem , I need some help, Thanks!


  When I run ADC_DAC_Playback_SC573 example on the SC573 ezkit, I find some new issues. If I run in STEREO mode, and I multiply input buffer by 0.5, I can get correct signal. If I change the mode to TDM, I will get error signal. I noticed that in the example, there is a Generate_SineWave() function already exsits, and in TDM mode the data will shift left by 8, I guess if here is something about my problem, but now I haven't found how to resolve my problem.

some new issues
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