invalid actions in int_dispatcher_215XX.asm


I found time to evaluate migration from ADSP2148x to ADSP2156x.

CrossCore Embedded Studio is 2.9.3.

I think I found error in line 150 of int_dispatcher_215XX.asm

register R8 didn't be initialization.

Line 150 of int_dispatcher_215XX.asm is impossible because always NUM_MAPPED_HANDLERS  > 0

fixing line number
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    In the line 50 of the int_dispatcher_215XX.asm, we are storing the I7 (Stack pointer) register value into '__DispatcherSaveI7'. Can you please confirm whether you are mentioning about this line. If so, can you please explain the issue in detail.

    Please note that the dispatcher saves all of the compiler scratch registers (For example, R4, R8 and R12 ) onto the stack.

    Could you please explain what you mean by 'register R8 didn't be initialization'.

    For more information about Interrupt Dispatching, please refer the below CCES help path.
    CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.9.3 > System Run-Time Documentation > Interrupt Support > Interrupt Dispatching


  • I'm sorry. I out invalid line number. The line is 150.

    My suggestion are based if the condition of line 141 would be false.