EZ-KIT BF 592 Error: 0x80048020

Hello All,

We have purchased the ADZS-BF592-EZLITE. (ez kit board and usb cable) in the package

We have installed the CCES 2.9.2(Cross core Embedded Software) software  and have compiled the example program (Audio loop back) with blackfin settings (ADSP-BF592 EZ-KIT Lite®
Evaluation System Manual)
We were not able to connect the CCES with the hardware emulator with the following settings.
In the Device manager we are able to see ICE 1000 ( PFA device_manager_snap)
I have explored the following steps in the data sheets 
  Using the on-board Debug Agent:
 step 1. Plug one side of the provided USB cable into the USB connector of the debug agent ZP1 (labeled USB).
 step 2. Plug the other side of the cable into a USB port of the PC running CCES.  
 step 3 (if connected through the debug agent): Verify that the yellow USB monitor LED (labeled ZLED2) and the green power LED (labeled ZLED1) on the debug agent are both on. This   
signifies that the board is communicating properly with the host PC and ready to run CCES.
Click Finish to close the wizard. The new debug configuration is created and added to the program(s) to load list.  
>>This step error occurs as 
"Error in launch sequence

[TpsdkServer] Failed to connect to processor.
Error: 0x80048020

Error Description: Selected emulator not detected"
Step 1: 
I have gone through this document also which insists the use of JTAG port.   ICE-1000/ICE-2000 Emulator User’s Guide (Chapter 2 -Connectors)
  There are two connectors on the ICE-1000 used for connecting to a target. J1 is a 0.1" 14-pin connector used for interfacing with legacy targets. This connector only supports debugging via JTAG mode. J2 is a 0.05" 10-pin connector used for JTAG/SWD mode on newer processors.  
Step 2:   
ICE Test Utility fails because of "Determine scan Path Length"
This utility ensures that the JTAG chain is intact; it is used to test your emulation hardware. Before connecting to an emulator session, ensure that each action performed by the ICE Test utility results in a Pass.   
Troubleshooting :
  This step determines the number of JTAG devices located on the target hardware to which the emulator is connected.
We have few queries which I have summarized below.
1. Do we need to connect any emulator hardware has its not mentioned in the document since the Configurator test fails in the step4 
Please reply asap. 
Thanks for the support.
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    on Aug 7, 2020 10:37 AM
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    on Aug 10, 2020 12:32 PM

    Hi Dilip,

    From your mail, we understand that you are trying to connect ADSP-B592 EZ-KIT with debug agent connection. Please confirm.

    But, the device manager shown as ICE-1000. If you are tried to connect ADSP-B592 EZ-KIT with debug agent connection, It should be detect as ADSP-BF592 EZ-KIT lite.

    Also, please confirm if you have given the 5V power to the board correctly. We recommend you to follow the steps provided in the chapter "CCES Install and Session Startup" from page 22-23 in below linked manual.


  • Hi Nishanthi.

    I just bought an BF592 EZ-Kit and I´m having the same problem - the driver is installed for the ICE-1000 emulator, not for the EZ-Kit, and I tried different ways to manually install the driver for the EZ-Kit but it appears as "non-compatible" driver on windows devices manager. So, after I hrd install the BF592 ez-kit driver, the devices manager refresh and appears again as ICE-1000 emulator. 

    I´m very frustared. I read the manual, the EE-175 and EE-356 notes, and both seemed to me that they never reach my problem, and some information are wrong. Some links don´t exist anymore, like https://ez.analog.com/docs/DOC-11229, found on page 4 of EE-356 note. Like and the notes are talking about 1.0... version os CrossCore, and we are on 2.10.

    I bought from Digikey, and I received a CD with outdated linux things that you don´t give support anymore, and, well, who does use CD installation these days? New machines didn´t have cd players anymore. And my unit came with an ULTRALIFE Lithium battery attached, and the manual says it is not part of the kit as it didn´t say nothing about the CD.

    Ok, a paper with some instructions came, I could install Visual DSP with license, but it didn´t recognize the board as EZ-Kit, but always as ICE-Emulator too.

    I´m powering the board with a Universal 5v 2A power supply, the baterry charging mechanism is ok, the baterry is charging, the leds are fading in a slower sine pattern (power always on, so i think it´s ok with the BF592). I´m using the provided USB cable to connect the on board debug agent.

    The ICE test happens ok everytime, but as it recognize the board as ICE-1000 and not as the Ez-Kit, when I try to start a session, the IDDE can´t connect to the board.

    I´m very frustrated, because I´m trying this for more than 15 days, reading the docs and FAQs you provided, but, seems that I´m searching for an outdated non-supported stuff with mismatching information :(

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 2, 2021 12:15 PM in reply to Alberti

    Hi Filipe,

    We understand that you have contacted our private support. To avoid duplication of efforts, please continue the discussion there.