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ADSP-21573 Debug timeout


I had a problem with the custom board (adsp-21573 +MCU) simulation.The simulator type is ice-1000.

When the board is powered on, MCU controls SYS_HWRST pin and reset DSP.When I start debugging for a while, CCES will pop up the warning "Timeout waiting for processor to halt".

The following is the waveform captured by the logic analyzer:

I don't have this question on the sc573-ezkit evaluation board.

May I ask what is the possible cause of this?



  • Hi,

    We suspect that you have disabled the 'Run immediately after load' option in the Debug Configurations Dialog Box.

    Are you attempting to load more than one DXE in series? For example, trying to load an Initialization Code DXE, followed by your application? If you are using this dialog to 'Load prerequisite code', a breakpoint is set at lib_prog_term after loading, and the program runs to the breakpoint. Execution times out if the program does not pause within 10 seconds.That is any application that runs before your main application, it must exit by hitting a breakpoint at __lib_prog_term within 10 seconds or this error will be issued.

    Could you please try with enabling the 'Run immediately after load' option.

    For more information on loading multiple DXEs, see the 'Run Immediately After Load' option in the help here:

    Help > Contents > CrossCore Embedded Studio <version> > Integrated Development Environment > Debugging Executable Files > Run/Debug Configurations Dialog Box-Session Tab > Select a Program to Load Into Processor Dialog Box

    If you are trying to load only 1 DXE, what options do you have set if you highlight the DXE in the Launch Configuration and select "Edit".

    Also, could you please confirm whether your using Emulator-ICE-1000 or simulator session.
    If you're using simulator, could you please verify whether your application is working in simulator session.

    If you are using custom board, We recommend you to confirm that your custom board complies with the JTAG Technical Reference Guide EE-68, which is available online at the following location:

    If you are still facing the issues, please share us the example project with the steps to reproduce the issue. This will help us to assist you further.


  • Hi Nishanthi.V

    Thank you for your answer.

    Problem solved.

    I enabled the "Reset core before load" option for preload.exe file.