Sport Interface DSP between BF607 and AD7770


I have a DSP BF607 connected to a AD7770 (using one SPI interface for configuration, and one SPORT interface for data acquisition.

SPI Configuration is all good. It is configured in mode 00 (4 DOUT lines enabled, outputing two channels per line).

SPORT configuration is working partially,

AD7770 has 4 datalines, connected to one SPORT, using both dataline (primary and secondary) of both half (A and B).

I have achieved to read the samples from one data line, but no more.(configuring half A and primary channel only).

When enabling the secondary data channel, the application only read sample 0 from AD7770.  

SPORT is in Multichannel mode, with two slot per frame ( primary and secondary channel for one half sport). Is this correct? 

I figure that once I get both channels working, I will use half_mux register so that HALF-B uses HALF-A clock and frame sync.

My question is, what is the proper DSP BF607 SPORT configuration to read AD7770 4 DOUT lines?

Also, how to read the data buffer? If configuration is good, is it possible to use the function adi_Sport_SubmitBuffer() ?

For information, I am using the code example BF609_sport_loopback, which seemed a good starting point.