Memory Browser in CCES switches between PM and DM memory

Hi all,

I have been working with Visual DSP for about 8 years, now and got used to it despite all the pains and heartaches that it gave me.

Recently, I switched to CCES and almost wish I had stuck to VDSP for all the pains and heartaches that it gives me.

Here, I'd like to start reporting with the most annoying one:

I am debugging on a Sharc 21489.

In the debug view, I open a memory browser and enter the address in DM mem I'd like to watch.

The memory type is set to "PM", initally. I switch it to DM, then.

In the following, it constantly switches back to PM memory during debugging and I always have to reset it manually to DM again.

Why can't it just keep the setting that I assigned?

What do I have to do to have it stuck at a fixed setting?

Best regards,