Statistical Profiling of ADC_DAC Playback Code for SC589


I started working on ADSP-SC584 EZ Lite board along with CCES 2.0 for modem development. I tried ADC-DAC Playback code of SC589 on SC584 board as suggested in the forum by changing the processor setting. It worked well but the profiling shows "ProcessBuffers()" function itself consuming around 60% . Earlier also I had worked on 21489EZ-Lite board along with VDSP++ for different modem project. At that time also we had started with the example code of ADC-DAC playback as a starting point and after whole modem development it hardly takes 60-70% resources. I just want to know why this simple pointer assignment function is taking this much resources and also whether I am doing anything wrong in new CCES IDE. Any suggestions will be helpful


Anukul Anand