ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT Mini: run without debug in CCES [solved]

Hi there,


How can I run the audiofilter callback example code without being in debug mode.

I want to make a vocoder so it's important for me that the device is not hooked on a laptop while it's debugging.

I found some info about the Command Line Device programmer but I dont understand how it works and the reason for using it:

"you can only make use of this utility via a Command Prompt window", but thats super vague.

why would I need an extra command prompt to program my microcontroller.

Isnt CCES suppose to do that for me.

Until now, I was STM32 and Eclipse for my project so maby im just in a technical cultrure shock.

I hope someone can tell how I can program with CCES or maby explain how to work with CLDP

- Jan Pieter de Rie

Same question but did not understand the answer

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