CCES error log shows errors every startup - how to resolve these?


Every time I launch CCES I see an info item in the Error Log warning that environment variable CCES_HOME is not set:

I tried setting environment variable CCES_HOME in Windows 10 to the value:  C:/Analog Devices/CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.9.1/    however this did not make the issue go away,  so I'm not sure where I need to set CCES_HOME environment variable.  Can you tell me where this should be set?

An even worse issue I need help for:

If I open any projects in the workspace,  even just an example project from the ADSP-SC5xx EZ-KIT Lite Board Support Package v2.0.2 such as the "Three Core Example (SC589)" projects,  then I see actual errors appear after the CCES C/C++ Indexer finishes running:

Always if I open one or more projects,  my own or simple example projects from the board support package,  these errors will appear in the Error Log. 

At other times more and more of these errors keep appearing over time - the list keeps growing indefinitely.  I can't tell you what triggers this behavior but it seems if I leave CCES open/running the list could grow infinitely large - which isn't good...

I tried right-clicking on these errors to try and understand what the problem might be but no real information is given.  A google search for the 1450 code didn't provide any clues either.

I should mention that CCES seems to work OK despite all these errors occurring.  I can edit, clean, build, and debug source code & projects without any apparent problems.  So why these errors are occurring is a mystery.

I need your help to find a way to stop these errors from occurring.  Thanks very much in advance!



Added info that CCES can edit, clean, build, and debug OK even with these errors occurring.
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