SPORT Emulator for ADSP SC587 board


I am working on the SPORT interface and i am using SC587 processor, i want to know if ADI is maintaining driver and test code for SPORT interface.

If yes, then can you please share it with me.

Thanks and Regards,


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  • Hello Nikesh,

    Please follow the below steps after build your project for debugging the application

    1.From Run > Select Debug Configurations and then select "Application with crosscore debugger"
    2.The Session Wizard should start up, select SC587 as your processor and then select Next.
    3.Choose 'Emulator' as connection type and then select Next
    4.Select the emulator type(ICE-1000/2000) that you are using and then Finish.
    5.Choose the DXE to load and then select Apply and Debug.

    In the SPORT loop back code, we are transmitting 256bytes from SPORT0A to SPORT0B using DMA mode. After running the code, you can see the received data in nBufferRx0 buffer.

    You can find the detailed description of these APIs from the below path

    CrossCore® Embedded Studio 2.9.1 > System Run-Time Documentation > System Services and Device Drivers > ADSP-SC58x (SHARC+ Core) API Reference > Modules

    Please try and let us know if you need further assistance

    Santha kumari.K