CCES confused about ADI_CORE_SHARC0 and ADI_CORE_SHARC1 macros in modified ThreeCore project for ADSP-SC589.

I have created a new project based on the ThreeCore_SC589 example project.  It's basically the same as the example project with files organized a bit differently in the project folders and all the relative paths adjusted to be correct.  I've also renamed the projects.  I have not made any changes to the source files yet - they are all identical to the example project source files.

I believe all of the files and project settings are correct - I've compared them carefully to settings the example project opened properly through the link on the Welcome page.

Furthermore,  I can successfully build and even more importantly debug/run the code successfully.  It functions exactly as it should during a debugging session - same as it functions when debugging the example project opened through the Welcome page.

The problem: Sometimes CCES indicates errors in the source files for Core0 related to ADI_CORE_SHARC0 and ADI_CORE_SHARC1 macros.  Here's a screenshot of the ThreeCore_Core0.c file:


If I right-click on either of these macros and click on "Open Declaration" I get this:


The first entry is correct according to the Includes for the _Core0 project  where none of the includes point to the SHARC folder:


The second entry which points to .../SHARC/include/sys/adi_core.h I believe is incorrect.  I cannot find any references, links, include statements, or anything in the _Core0 project which point to this file or anywhere in the .../SHARC/ folder or its sub-folders. 

However If I look at the _Core1 or _Core2 projects I see that they do point to .../SHARC/ folder or its sub-folders, here are the includes for _Core1 project:


... _Core2 includes are the same.

Because this project builds (even with these errors) and because I can debug successfully after a clean build,  I know the project must be configured correctly.

So why is CCES displaying these errors and why when I click Go to Definition in the _Core0 project does it bring up two files,  one being in the SHARC folders which are not included in the _Core0 project?   Is CCES somehow confused because these are linked projects? (ie: for three cores)

And why does CCES sometimes display these errors and sometimes not?  (ie: behavior is inconsistent)

How can I fix this problem so that CCES no longer displays the errors?

I'm happy to send the entire project in for analysis if that would help.