Mismatched library source & binaries in latest CCES (2.9.1)

I am converting a client application to run under CCES 2.9.1 and have found that there appears to be a mismatch between the source in 

CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.9.1\SHARC\lib\src\drivers\Source\sport\

and the compiled library in CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.9.1\SHARC\lib\sc589_rev_1.0\debug\libdrv.dlb

According to the 2.9.1 release notes (and lib header files), the sport driver should now use SSLDD 3.0) which for example uses the call..

/* Transfer data through SPORT using 1D DMA */
ADI_SPORT_RESULT adi_sport_DMATransfer(
    ADI_PDMA_DESC_LIST *pDescList,
    uint8_t nListSize,

and the old method adi_sport_SetDmaTransferSize is now depreciated (see adi_sport_2156x.h)

However, dumping the symbols from the lib reveals they were built with the old source :-

robbe@DESKTOP-DKDAH33 MINGW64 /c/Analog Devices/CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.9.1/SHARC/lib/sc589_rev_1.0
$ ../../../elfdump.exe -arsym ./libdrv.dlb | grep sport
adi_sport_Close. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_ConfigClock. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_ConfigData. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_ConfigFrameSync. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_ConfigMC. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_ConfigTriggerIn. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_ConfigTriggerOut. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_Enable. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_EnableDMAMode. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_EnableLoopBack. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_EnableSecondary. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_GetBuffer. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_GetControlReg. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_GetHWErrorStatus. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_IsBufferAvailable. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_MuxHalfSport. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_Open. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_RegisterCallback. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_SelectChannel. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_SelectChannelOrder. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_SetControlReg. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_SetDmaTransferSize. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_StreamingEnable. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_Submit2DBuffer. 363846 adi_sport.doj
adi_sport_SubmitBuffer. 363846 adi_sport.doj
gSportDMAFuncTable. 363846 adi_sport.doj
gSportIntFuncTable. 363846 adi_sport.doj

  • Also just discovered that the library doesn't build from source as is because there is also a mismatch on the sport api within the lib source itself :-

    In adi_spdif_rx_v1.c

    if(adi_sport_EnableDMAMode(pDevice->Spdif->Sport.hSportDev, true) != ADI_SPORT_SUCCESS)

    However, adi_sport_EnableDMAMode is depreciated & is not available in the sharc sport driver ie adi_sport_2156x.h

    Looks like i'll have to revert to a previous CCES version until this is resolved Disappointed

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 15, 2019 1:00 PM over 1 year ago in reply to Rob Belcham

    The newer v3.0 of SSL/DD is only currently for ADSP-2156x parts. If you #include <drivers/sport/adi_sport.h>  for ADSP-SC589 the version used will be the same v2.0 drivers API set as built into the libraries and supported in previous versions of CCES. 


  • Hi Stuart, I don't think this is the case : if you look at adi_sport.h, it contains the following :-

    #if defined(__ADSP21569_FAMILY__) || \
    #include "adi_sport_2156x.h"
    #elif defined(__ADSPBF609_FAMILY__) || \
    defined(ADI_ADSP_CM40Z) || \
    defined(__ADSPBF707_FAMILY__) || \
    defined(__ADSPBF716_FAMILY__) || \
    defined(__ADSPSC573_FAMILY__) || \

    #include "adi_sport_bf6xx.h"


    #include "adi_sport_bf5xx.h"


    So therefore, when I build for SC589, the __ADSPSC589_FAMILY__ macro is defined. There appears to be only 2156x or blackfin sport drivers. 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 15, 2019 1:57 PM over 1 year ago in reply to Rob Belcham

    That's strange - I did a fresh install of CCES 2.9.1 yesterday and my adi_sport.h file is different. Let me double check and get back to you. You didn't install any patches or make any manual change to your CCES 2.9.1 install by any chance?


  • Not to that file, however I did fix a error in adi_sport_2156x.h wbich I have reported to the tools group via their support page. here's a copy of that inquiry :-

    I found an error in the version 2.9.1 CCES release. In C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.9.1\SHARC\include\drivers\sport\adi_sport_2156x.h, there is a..

    #ifdef __cplusplus

    extern "C" {

    #endif /* __cplusplus */


    without a corresponding closing brace. Also, this extern wraps around some headers which is bad practice. I've moved the opening brace section above to line 250 (before API function defs) and added a corresponding close at line 430, above the MISRA_RULES..


    #ifdef __cplusplus


    #endif /* __cplusplus */


     #ifdef _MISRA_RULES

    #pragma diag(pop)