ADSP-SC589 AUDIO Walkthrough

Hello sir/madam,

                         I am trying to exercise this module which was given in application notes of  ADSP-SC589 (i.e, MDMA-Based Dual-SHARC+ Parallel Pipeline Audio Talk through). I have gone through the entire notes of it. There it is given four channels of audio input is given and four channels of output are taken.  I am sorting out how to give audio to ADAU1979 for four channels from PC and how to listen back from ADAU1962A to PC as I have STEREO TO 2 RCA, I couldn't able to figure out how this job can be done. please help me with this.

              If this is not possible suggest me with stereo to 2 RCA cable.

              My main aim is to filter the audio signal in any of the SHARC core processors. please suggest me for sorting the issue.