MCAPI SC589 Sharc1 -> Sharc2 hangs


I am trying to run the EE377v02 MCAPI example on my SC589 custom board. The board also has an SC573, but I am just working with SC589 for the moment. I can create endpoints on both Sharc cores and I can capture an endpoint on Sharc2 from Sharc1, but I cannot send a message from Sharc1 to Sharc2 (or vice versa).

Sharc1 hangs at:

mcapi_msg_send(master_ep, slave_ep, &nSid, sizeof(nSid), 0, &mcapi_status);

Sharc2 hangs at:

mcapi_msg_recv(slave_ep, &nSid, sizeof(nSid), &RcvBytes, &mcapi_status);

I have seen that some people have had similar issues with MCAPI. I am using MCAPI version 2.15. 

Btw, I was able to get a MCAPI link up between ARM and Sharc1. Problems arise when I introduce Shar2 into the picture.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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