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PINT to GPIO PIN mapping

The example code of "Button LED GPIO Cortex" program in ADSP-SC584-EZBoard Board Support Package contains lines like these in header file Button_LED_GPIO.h

/* GPIO pin within the port to which push button 1 is connected to */
#define PUSH_BUTTON1_PIN            (ADI_GPIO_PIN_15)

/* pin within the pint to which push button 1 is connected to */

It is eventually used in the main function like this.


I do not understand the difference between PUSH_BUTTON1_PIN and PUSH_BUTTON1_PINT_PIN. I understand that PIN is the physical pin, and PINT is used for attaching interrupts to a particular pin. However, I don't really understand the difference between the two. Is there a fixed mapping of physical PIN to PINT? If it is, where can I find it? 

Where did the value "31" come from in this example? I tried changing the value of PUSH_BUTTON1_PINT_PIN, but the program stopped working.