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Runtime Error


CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.8.3. During debug session with BF536 ccs stop working. There have not any error code what happens.

"This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information."

  • Hi,

    Since the IDDE is crashing, we suspect that there is a bad session or workspace.  Please try the following to delete your old sessions/workspaces(you will need to create them from scratch again ):

    1) Close the IDDE if it is running
    2) Run REGEDIT.EXE from C:\Windows\
    3) locate the following key, select it and press the Delete key:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.8.3
    4) Click Yes in the confirmation dialog.  

    Now start the IDDE and see if you still see the crash.

    If you are still facing the same issue, Can you please check if you have set the CCES_HOME environment variable and make sure that it's set to the right installation of CCES?  e.g., as you are running CCES 2.8.3, the CCES_HOME environment variable should be set to the CCES 2.8.3 install directory.Please refer attached screenshot for reference.

    If you set the environmental variable CCES_HOME to a directory other than the CCES installation that you're using then Debug sessions will not operate correctly.CCES_HOME can be used to overwrite internal behavior but is not generally required to be set by the user.We are tracking an update to improve the use of this variable, so that our users do not run into unexpected problems.

    Santha kumari.K