how use spi api to interface with flash quad I/o read

I read SPI_FlashReadback sample and Power On Self Test sample , 

I want to use Quad I/O or Dual I/O to read SPI flash data, From SPI sample of Power On Self Test sample , 

they use quad I/O and dual I/O cmd is 0x3B and 0x6B.

I've change CMD_DUAL_MODE_READ to 0xBB, from W25Q128 document , 0xBB is like 0x3B but use DUAL I/O. But I can't read normal data.

Could you give me a example to use Dual I/O and Quad I/O command to speed up read flash data?

//PrologueBuffer[0]  = CMD_DUAL_MODE_READ;
 PrologueBuffer[0]  = 0xBB;
 PrologueBuffer[1]  = (uint8_t)(Address >> 16);
 PrologueBuffer[2]  = (uint8_t)(Address >> 8);
 PrologueBuffer[3]  = (uint8_t)Address;
 PrologueBuffer[4]  = 0XF0;  /* one "dummy" slot required */
 xfr.pPrologue   = PrologueBuffer;
 xfr.PrologueBytes  = 5;
 xfr.pTransmitter  = NULL;
 xfr.TransmitterBytes = 0;
 xfr.pReceiver   = NULL;
 xfr.ReceiverBytes  = 0;

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