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Semihosting Arm A5 Core in SC-589 Development Board


I am trying to make calls to the system clock within the A5 core on my Sc-589 board.  When running the code through the debugger, the following error

Semihosting: "unsupported call 0x10"

Now, in the debug configuration, I have the "Enable semihosting" box checked.  Further, other functions I understand to require semi-hosting, such as printf, work fine.  I have encountered this issue on other Arm boards, (Notably an NXP-M33), where the fix was a semihosted version of newlib that could be enabled.  However, I cannot find settings to enable this in CCES.  I have tried adding the -- -spec=rdimon.specs flag to the compile flags, but have not had any success in finding the rdimon.specs file.

Is there any way to make these calls to clock() within the Arm core on this board?

  • Hi,

    The semihosting for ADSP-SC5xx ARM is configured that any supported I/O operations that are called are passed to the host (Via the JTAG). This is how you see the output from your application in the console of CCES.
    The clock semihosting function is not supported - we did not see a use case for obtaining the host PC clock time.

    If you want to access the system clock on the A5, there are a series of functions provided in cycle_count.h header file.
    These are also documented within the CrossCore Embedded Studio help. Unfortunately access to the system clock is not supported via calls to clock().



  • Thank you.  I had more luck reading the cycle_count.h file, as the documentation (found by search in CCES) seemed to indicate the wrong macros.

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, we are unable to understand the exact behavior or issue you are facing currently.

    As you mentioned "the documentation (found by search in CCES) seemed to indicate the wrong macros", could you please share with us more details on that such as which macro is in cycle_count.h file you are mentioning here.

    If possible, please share us screenshot which describes your issue. This will help us to assist you further.