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How can I change parameters on-the-fly in an application without SigmaStudio?

My target system will have a microcontroller which i will use to control the signal processing parameters in real-time.

How do I calculate the values of the parameters I want to update?

  • There are several options for calculating the parameter values you should download to the SigmaDSP control port. Here are a few examples:

    • Open the capture window in SigmaStudio and change a parameter to a new value. The capture window shows you what address to download to and what values to write. It will also show if the write should be a block write, individual write, or safeload write.
    • Use the filter coefficient calculator (Tools...Fixed Point Filter Table Generator) to calculate values for filter coefficients. You can export these and include them in your microcontroller compilation.
    • Use the coefficient calculation equations in the SigmaStudio help file to calculate your own coefficients. You can also implement these equations in a system's microcontroller to calculate coefficients during system operation.
    • Use programs like MatLab to calculate IIR coefficients.

    For complete listings of parameter addresses and values in a number of formats, use the "Export System Files" function in SigmaStudio after compiling your project. The "Export System Files" button is located in the main toolbar.

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